Foreword from Principal



Thank you for visiting Nirmala Matha Convent School, Eyyal website and Welcome to the home of Nirmalites. Education is highly valued by our community and we have high expectations for our students over the past twelve years and the rich academic program of this school challenges EVERY student to set and reach ambitious, intellectual and personal goals. 

Our school motto “Guide us to Wisdom” inspires us to prepare students with the skills to learn and to get a feel for in an ever-changing world. Nirmala Matha Convent School is a dynamic school with an enthusiastic and dedicated staff who work closely with parents and cares to ensure educational achievements and opportunities for all students across all stages of learning.

We are focusing on teaching students the expected behaviours, rather than reacting negatively after behaviour is displayed gives us great leaders and citizens for the future. 

At Eyyal we have constructed an environment which reflects the technological world of today. Our school has a connected facility for digital audio/video class, a computer lab, library in school/classrooms. Our School Learning Support systems provide aid for students experiencing learning difficulties or requiring additional assistance. 

Our students involved in one or more of the activities such as athletics, band, choir, dances, abacus, special interest clubs, Yoga, Karate, Keyboard, Jazz, Aerobics. These activities will open new doors, enable students to meet new people, and reveal incredible possibilities in which to grow and prosper. 

We often feature guest speakers. A school phone directory is provided to all members of the PTA. The PTA schedule of meetings and events can be found on the website. 

This website serves to assist you to become acquainted with our school and the many activities which take place. Please use the site to view dates of upcoming events, and general information. 

We care about kids and we care about their education. If you have any enquiries or something to share about our highly successful school, or you wish to become more actively involved, please contact the school or drop me an e-mail.